Fit for Life

Our program is life for all ages. We offer a well balanced program for anyone who’s looking to come in and reach whatever goals they might want to achieve.

Our Values

At Master O our values are aligned with yours. We focus on on strong people strong family strong community. Building stronger character helps build strong people to take better care of themselves and their families. That’s what builds strong communities!

Our Mission

We want to make the it simple for you, Our mission... serve our students to the highest level. We want to help our students reach their human potential not just with martial arts but most importantly in life. If we serve you to our highest ability the you will reach your highest and best!

Our Story

A child’s heart and a mans dream come into action together to bring you Master O’s Karate Academy. We are here to build leadership and provide a way to a strong and healthy life!


Our classes focus on a well balanced lesson plan with all the various styles of martial arts bringing the life skills portion to help make martial arts the success that it truly is. These are classes that will change your life for the better!

About Us

What makes Master O so unique is it’s intricate way of bringing both life and martial arts together so people fee more free, confident and secure about what they know and who they are.